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Emerging Limerick Filmmakers is a new home for young filmmakers in Limerick. Based in Castletroy, ELF empowers its members with the opportunity to grow and develop as storytellers.

Cinema is sacred. It can change the way people see the world, change the way people think. Now more than ever we need brave voices able to shape the stories that help us see with fresh eyes.

ELF fosters a community of young filmmakers, supporting creative projects with ambition and energy. We operate in a respectful, playful, project-led space.


We're working to deliver a deep and engaging programme, led by our members, while complying with the rules governing Covid-19. ELF is an organisation that prioritises the safety and well-being of members.

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Pete Moles - Artistic Director

Pete Moles is a filmmaker, film festival programmer and  has had the privilege of working with many inspiring young filmmakers over the years. He believes in the power of storytelling, the value of a well written callsheet and the need to throw everything you can into a film production.

ELF is One Year Old

Despite being a comparatively young organisation, we've accomplished a lot in our first year. We're growing and we're looking to work with people who want to grow with us. ELF is an academy for young filmmakers, so we have high expectations, but we're also made up of some really lovely people.​


How It Works

ELF is on every Tuesday from 6.30-9.30, in person or, depending on the situation, online. There we discuss filmmaking, engage in practical exercises and prepare for our next film shoots. We're a young person led organisation, so decisions are made by members, including the selection of which pitches are the ones that get turned into films.

We will also make sure to watch some of the best (and sometimes, no so best) short films ever made, to inspire our members to be ambitious and to explore all areas of filmmaking.

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